How Coronavirus Has Impacted Divorce Filings

By Daniel H. Moss, Attorney

The Coronavirus and subsequent shutdowns have impacted people on many levels, from schools and businesses closing to canceled travel and life plans to missed holidays, birthdays, celebrations, and more.

Marriage and divorce have thus been impacted due to the many life changes and stressors on couples and families.

Below are some of the impacts the coronavirus has had on divorce filings:

  1. The close, confined living conditions during the quarantine period have brought marital issues to the forefront. Living in such tight quarters with one’s spouse and children and juggling increased daily responsibilities have caused friction in even previously stable relationships.
  2. Income fluctuations and concern about childcare have heightened the impact of common marriage stressors. Income, stability, children, and high stress are high priorities in marriages during “normal” times. For many, the coronavirus impacted all of these areas at the same time and caused increased worry, stress, and tension for couples.
  3. Divorce inquiries have been higher over the past several months. The pandemic’s impact increased divorce concerns about income, living conditions, disruption to children and general uncertainty. However, many people who were previously contemplating or planning divorce have opted to postpone taking the next steps.
  4. During the shutdown period, court processes were impacted. Filing for divorce was more difficult, and response times were much slower. As things have opened up, courts have been accommodating new and pending cases.
  5. Marriage counseling offices were closed for in-person counseling during the shutdown period. Many counselors have been offering telephone and video conferencing to try to adjust to the shutdown period. Many have extended these options even as things begin to reopen.
  6. While the shutdown has caused stress and uncertainty for many, it has been especially dangerous for those in situations of abuse. Being confined in the home for extended periods of time has increased stress and also made it difficult to gain access to assistance.

As things have been reopening, help is more readily available for many situations. Courts are taking new cases, and offices are reopening. Many who had been holding off have started to take the first steps toward inquiring and filing for divorce.

Every situation is different, but it is best to not wait to seek help if you need it. This is especially true if you or your family are in a dangerous situation.

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