5 Tips for Preparing to Meet Your Divorce Lawyer

By Daniel H. Moss, Attorney

Once you’ve decided to divorce and have found the right divorce attorney, you will need to call to schedule a face-to-face appointment. In order to keep the process running smoothly, you should be prepared before your meeting.

5 Tips For Finding The Right Divorce Attorney

Below are some tips for preparing to meet with your divorce attorney:

  1. When you call to schedule your appointment, ask if you can have any preliminary paperwork prior to your meeting so that you can fill it out in advance. Be sure to have social security numbers, full names, addresses, information on your children and their schools and more.
  2. Bring a pad of paper and pen with you so that you can write notes during your meeting. It’s difficult to remember everything and you’ll want to be able to refer back to the valuable information your divorce attorney provides as you proceed with your case. You’ll also want to make notes of any additional items you need complete or steps you need to take after your meeting.
  3. Jot down your questions beforehand so that you don’t forget to ask something important or specific to your unique situation. Ask about the divorce process, how your attorney will proceed with your case, what actions you might need to take, and anything else on which you need further direction or clarification.
  4. Be honest with your divorce attorney and prepare to answer questions about your marriage and why you want to divorce, review any legal restrictions, discuss custody wishes and potential conflicts.
  5. Create a file of important documents that inventories your household income and expenses, your properties, vehicles, outstanding debts, assets, etc. Bring any legal paperwork that may have previously been filed as well as any notes or documents you may have collected regarding your marriage or determination to divorce.

The divorce process can seem overwhelming at times. Taking things step-by-step, preparing ahead, and having reliable information throughout is important to keep things running as smoothly as possible and reduce the stress on you and your family.

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