Daniel Moss is an expert in Family Law matters including Divorce, Child Custody, Change of Domicile, Child Support, Alimony/Spousal Support and Visitation.

These are complicated and stressful issues, and Daniel guides his clients down a path they can easily follow toward a successful resolution and a new beginning.

Daniel offers compassion and experience in protecting you and your children. Representing both men and women, he offers well-rounded insight into the law and legal strategies used both for and against each party. With compassion, he understands the emotional and financial needs of both women and men, as well as their children.

In your efforts to understand events during this trying time, Daniel offers articles of information that may assist you in a smooth transition during this difficult process.

Daniel speaks as an expert guest providing advice on Divorce and Child Custody issues on the Mojo in the Morning and has also done so on other shows, answering questions from listeners calling in about their own unique situations. You may find it beneficial to listen and learn, as the shows may relate to what you are going through. He covers topics such as: financial and tax issues, child custody/child support guidelines, financial aspects of proceedings and complications of serving divorce papers on spouses who are missing or out of the country.