5 Ways to Banish Boredom in Your Marriage

Married couples should be comfortable around each other. They should be a source of comfort and routine to some degree, but it’s important not to fall into such a routine that it becomes a rut.

Overcoming a stagnant routine can be difficult. Putting forth the effort to add interest and variety to your marriage can keep you both from becoming bored.

Below are my top 5 suggestions for banishing boredom in your marriage: 

Identify the source:
Explore why you are feeling bored and stagnant in your marriage. Is it just because of normal daily routines and your busy lifestyle? Or are you and your partner avoiding a larger issue? Are you both feeling this way? If it’s a larger issue, work on addressing and resolving that first. 

Schedule regular dates:
It can be relaxing to spend evenings on the couch in your pajamas binging your favorite show together, but scheduling regular time for dates can reignite passion and break the monotony of daily routines. This can be as simple as a walk in the park or visit to a local museum or even just meeting up for an ice cream cone after a long day of work. 

Explore New Hobbies Together:
Whether it’s couples yoga, hiking or cooking classes, taking up a new hobby or activity together can spice things up and help you bond in new ways. Keep it interesting by making separate lists to see what activities you both align with, and alternate who chooses the activity to ensure both interests are explored. 

Set Goals
Discuss your goals so that you can work together to achieve them as a couple and support one another in your individual goals. This will enhance your communication and teamwork. 

Add Variety into Your Routine
Review your typical day, week, month and see where you can make changes to infuse some variety into your lives. Maybe try a new recipe, have a picnic dinner or even just invite some friends over. Small changes in your routine can make a big impact on adding excitement to your life.

If you’re finding yourself feeling stagnant and bored in your daily routines, it’s time to make a change. I suggest trying one or more of these strategies to banish the boredom and keep your marriage engaging and fulfilling.


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