We’ve all heard of various organizations or law firms which claim to “specialize” in representing women or men in divorce cases. They go by names or acronyms like “Law Firm of Veronica,” or “ALAN,” or “DIANE.”

In fact, they are a marketing device to solicit a particular niche of clients. When you call, you you don’t speak to “Veronica”, “Alan” or “Diane.” You are referred to any number of different legal or paralegal personnel with varying levels of experience, depending on the size of your case.

Does the claim to represent just women or men mean that you will get better representation because of your sex? I think not. A good lawyer with compassion understands the emotional and financial needs of BOTH women and men, as well as their children.

Representing both women and men gives a lawyer well rounded insight into the law and legal strategies used both for and against each party.

When you call my office and ask for Daniel Moss, you will speak to Daniel Moss. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man, if your case is big or small, I will speak with you myself.

Don’t be fooled by sophisticated marketing. A truly good, experienced lawyer can ably represent women or men in divorce cases.

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