Getting Over Your Divorce

By Daniel H. Moss, Attorney

Getting over an unwanted divorce isn’t easy. If you allow yourself the time and patience, you can put the pain and trauma of divorce behind you.

To start with, focus on the reality of here and now. Don’t look back, and don’t look too far ahead. Obviously, you can’t change the past, but you can begin seriously thinking about where you are right now and where you want to be in the future.

Accepting that you are divorced and are at the beginning of a new part of your life allows you to think about — and act on — how you want to live in the future. I often tell my clients that life is a book with a lot of chapters. You can start reading/living the new chapters or get stuck in the past and stagnate.

Let go of all your negative thoughts of the past as they come to mind. Think, “Oh well,” and move on to your positive feelings. Remember, nobody gets into your head unless you let them.

Looking backward with anger, hurt or fault only keeps you from moving forward to the next chapter. In divorce situations there’s an old saying that applies to both parties: “There’s his side, her side and the truth.” If you owe your ex an apology, do it. If Your anger rises, work through it. Accept the fact that each of you had some part in the breakup, accept the fact that it’s over and MOVE ON.

When you finally reach the state of acceptance and understanding, your experience will help you achieve and enjoy the new chapters in your life. You will be free to pursue your dreams, or new ones you never thought of.

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