Leading Physical Impacts of Divorce

Going through a divorce is a stressful situation. This stress impacts you both emotionally and physically.

Recent studies, including one recently published by the Journal of Men’s Health (JMH), suggest that divorce could impact individuals physically including:

  1. Extreme weight changes
    Stress, depression and changing living conditions can result in weight fluctuations, which can impact overall health in individuals.
  2. Increased risk of chronic conditions
    Increased and prolonged stress can also lead to increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.
  3. Sleep disturbances
    Emotional stress from divorce can disrupt sleep and could lead to insomnia or other sleep disorders.
  4. Weakened immune system
    Stress and lack of sleep can cause an individual’s immune system to be weakened, leaving them more susceptible to a range of illnesses.
  5. Reduced Overall Well Being
    Anxiety, guilt, depression, substance abuse and more can be associated with divorce, all of which can impact your physical well being.

Some of these physical and psychological concerns may be heightened before and during the divorce and could subside afterwards, especially with proper awareness, attention, and care. Some main concerns would be for those who are already susceptible to certain conditions like depression, anxiety, or substance abuse.

Despite these potential impacts of divorce, it could still be the right decision, depending on your unique situation. The sense of relief and freedom from being in a stressful marriage is often the better option for couples who are not able to remedy the issues in their partnerships.

Divorcing with awareness of these psychological and physical concerns can help you better prepare for how to address them if they do occur.

Pay attention to your emotional and physical health throughout the process. Seek help from your friends and family, or from a professional like your doctor or therapist when you are over-stressed or feeling any of the items described above.

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