Must See Movie About Divorce

By Daniel H Moss, Attorney

“The Marriage Story” is a movie about a couple, their child and the lawyers involved in a divorce. I believe it is a must-see movie for lawyers, as well as families involved in a divorce.

Many divorce lawyers, especially those who have not been divorced themselves, do not have enough empathy for the emotional turmoil their clients are going through. They emphasize “winning” and tend to stoke the emotional anger of their clients and make the case more contentious and expensive. Some lawyers are just after the high fees they charge, rather than the well-being of their clients and the children.

Many parents get caught up in their own perceived self-interests and emotions, rather than doing what is best for their children. Their anger toward their spouse leads them to follow advice from a lawyer about “winning,” rather than compromising their own perceived self-interest for the sake of their children. In many cases this path leads to ongoing court battles well after the initial divorce case is over.

Children caught between angry, feuding parents tend to do worse in school and have deeper emotional problems. They are constantly put in a position of having to choose sides, rather than being allowed to feel the comfort and closeness of each parent.

“The Marriage Story” movie graphically portrays a couple going through a divorce who had to cope with all the above issues. I highly recommend that you see it and hope you will find it insightful and helpful if you are in a similar situation.

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