My Office is Open and I Am Seeing Clients Again

By Daniel H Moss, Attorney

The coronavirus and shutdown period has impacted many families and has made access to legal counsel and the court system more difficult over the past few months. This situation has also tended to put more of a strain on those with existing marital tensions. Many have put their cases and questions on hold during this time and are unsure of the process moving forward.

I am available to answer your divorce and family law questions and to assist you every step of the way through this process.

As the stay at home orders have subsided, the courts are accommodating new and pending cases. New family law cases and motions are being filed by email and fax. Court hearings are being scheduled. The Courts and Friend of the Courts are conducting Zoom hearings and we have been informed that some Courts may actually start opening up for in-person hearings as soon as next month (July 2020).

I am personally seeing clients in my office for interviews and conferences. Those who prefer masks and hand sanitizer are being accommodated. As an enhanced safety measure, our reception area has clear plastic partitions. In fact, my practice is working full time, except for physical Court appearances.

So, if you want to schedule an appointment to start a new case, confer on a pending case, or just call and ask me some questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at:

Daniel H. Moss, Attorney
Phone: 248-855-5656
Email: [email protected]

As always, if I’m not in the office, the receptionist will text me, or your voice mail message will be forward to my email, and I will return your call from my restricted cell phone number.