Relationship Red Flags: 5 Signs of an Unhealthy Marriage

Healthy relationships are built on trust and open communication. These pillars can be weakened by common unhealthy habits and behaviors. As a divorce attorney, I’ve observed recurring signs that a marriage might be in trouble.

Are you experiencing any of the following signs of an unhealthy marriage?

  1. Trust Issues
    Constantly feeling the need to check your partner’s phone or doubting their honesty undermines trust, a crucial pillar of any healthy relationship.
  2. Poor Communication
    Open and honest communication are essential to a healthy relationship. If you are constantly misunderstanding one another, it can lead to resentment and a breakdown of your emotional connection.
  3. Attempts to Change Your Partner
    While it’s positive to address issues together, trying to change your partner into someone they’re not can impact their self-esteem and offset the balance in your relationship.
  4. Control Issues
    In many cases, control issues are cited as the reason behind a rocky marriage. Control over finances or social interactions can lead to resentment. This imbalance often points to deeper problems in a marriage.
  5. Lack of Compromise
    Meeting one another halfway and compromising on the issues on which you don’t see eye-to-eye is essential. Without it, minor issues can escalate.

When experiencing any of these unhealthy behaviors in your marriage, it’s best to address and work through them via open, clear communication or couples therapy before they escalate out of control.

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