Status of Family Law During Stay-at-Home Period

By Daniel H Moss, Attorney

Most of the Family Law Courts and connected personal handling Family Law matters are open on a limited basis.

Judges are available to handle emergency matters such as signing and/or hearing Personal Protection Orders, as well as emergency hearings involving children.

Status Conferences and Settlement Conferences are being handled by some Judges using Zoom video conferencing or by telephone.

New cases may still be filed by e-filing and mail.

Many Friend of the Court Referees are working on cases at home. They are conducting conferences and investigations by email, Zoom and telephone.

Mediators appointed to try and settle cases are also attempting to help resolve cases. Some have adjourned their Mediations to beyond the anticipated expiration of the Stay at Home order. Others, with the consent of the parties, are using Zoom conferencing or conference calls.

As a Family Law Attorney, I am also available for telephone conferences and commencing new actions.

Please feel free to call me in this difficult time. My calls are forwarded to email but will be returned promptly from my restricted smart phone number.

Stay safe.

Daniel Moss
[email protected]