The Importance of Validation and Shared Goals in Marriage

Feeling validated and working towards common goals are signs of a healthy and supportive relationship. If there’s a lack of validation or differing objectives, it can create a disconnect in your relationship.

Below are some common behaviors that can have a negative impact if not addressed in a marriage:

Lack of Validation
Everyone wants to feel understood and accepted, especially by their significant other. A marriage should be a supportive team, so dismissing or invalidating your partner’s feelings can harm your relationship’s emotional health.

Unaligned Goals
Having different interests is common, but having common objectives and long-term life goals is an important facet of building a strong marriage bond. If your paths are so divergent that you are living parallel lives rather than a shared journey, it can be difficult to feel connected to your partner.

Communication Breakdowns
Effective communication involves both speaking and listening. If you’re not able to effectively communicate effectively and respectfully, and learn how to resolve issues that arise, it can lead to bigger problems in your marriage.

Refusing to budge on issues, big or small, can create an environment where no one feels heard or valued. You don’t have to always agree, but finding a way to accept your differences is key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

Ignoring the Past
Forgetting why you fell in love and not cherishing those memories can make it harder to overcome challenges.

Acknowledging each other’s feelings and working towards shared dreams are essential for a healthy relationship. When issues arise, communication, validation, and realigning your goals is important for moving forward in a healthy way. If you are not able to do this on your own, couples therapy might help you rebuild your connection.

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