Top 10 Traits of Happy Couples

By Daniel H. Moss, Attorney

Having a happy relationship does not just happen by chance. It takes work, effort, and planning.

Below are some of the habits happy couples practice that we could all learn from:

Make time for each other:
If you need to, schedule a weekly or monthly date night so you make sure to set aside time to spend together.

Communication is key. Knowing how to listen and when to provide input are important. Remember, you can’t fix all of the problems, but you can be there to listen, support, and provide insight.

Be happy for each other:
Big promotion? Exciting new hobby? Celebrate these things and be happy for one another. Showing support during the good times is just as important as supporting through the rough spots.

Laugh as often as possible:
Good partners just know what will make each other laugh. Don’t let the struggles and routines of day-to-day life overcome your ability to laugh and be silly with one another.

Share your hobbies:
Even couples who do not share the same hobbies can usually come up with something that they can both enjoy doing together. If you don’t share a hobby already, you could do something new like taking an art class or trying a new sport.

Remember why you are together:
What brought you together in the first place? Did you meet at a special spot? Did you enjoy the same restaurants, movies, or music? As time goes on, things do change, but remembering why you are together can help you infuse some of those initial core moments into your lives and remind you why you fell in love in the first place.

Be on the same team:
Everyone has bad days. It’s important to always remember that you are on the same team, even during times when you might be at odds.

Be honest:
This one should probably go without saying, but it’s important to remember. If you are always honest with one another, you’ll never have to question whether you’re being told the truth.

Appreciate each other & show affection:
Even small gestures that show you appreciate each other and are thinking of one another are so important.

It’s easy to stay affectionate early in a relationship, but never stop hugging or kissing on a regular basis. Even just holding hands on the way into the grocery store can go a long way in showing your partner the affection and attention that lets them know you care.

Be friends:
It might sound cliché when someone says that they married their best friend, but having a friendship with mutual respect and comradery can give you a good foundation for achieving a happy relationship long-term.


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