When Is Your Marriage Over?

By Daniel H Moss, Attorney

If you’re in a marriage that’s struggling, you might be trying to determine whether it can be saved, or whether you and your spouse are facing an inevitable breakup.

If you’re stuck in limbo and don’t know where your marriage is heading, and you’ve tried counseling for several weeks, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you and your spouse stuck in an argument loop constantly replaying past arguments or events?
  • Are you unable to communicate or work together without ending up in a fight?
  • Are you and your spouse still unable to work towards mutually beneficial solutions to your problems?
  • Are you and your spouse still unable to treat each other with respect?
  • Have your goals taken different paths and you are no longer headed in the same direction together?
  • Do you feel stifled in your personal goals, and your spouse is unsupportive of your achievements?
  • Are your views of life, the world, or religion causing a rift in your marriage? Has something changed that has put you in different places spiritually?
  • Has your sex life suffered, diminished, or become nonexistent, and you are no longer attracted to each other?
  • You are emotionally unsupportive of each other each day and during difficult times.

If your answers to these questions are “yes,” it might be time to let go.

When your basic needs are not being met in the marriage, something needs to change for you – and your spouse – to find happiness. Sometimes, unfortunately, that change ends up being divorce.

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