Why Are Women Happier After Divorce than Men?

By Daniel H Moss, Attorney

Studies indicate that women are approximately 70% more likely to file for divorce than men. This might seem like a surprising statistic, but it is in line with what I have encountered in my own practice. Additionally, a study by Kingston University indicates that women tend to be happier after divorce than men do.

Taking financial considerations out of the equation, I believe that this statistic can be attributed partly to the following:

Support System:
Women tend to have and to build more relationships based on emotional support than men do. Having an understanding network of friends and family available can help to alleviate the feeling of being alone and can help reinforce positive thoughts to combat the negativity from the impact of divorce.

Professional Help:
Women are more likely to seek professional help to cope with the emotional difficulties of divorce. Working through the issues with a trained therapist can lead to a better understanding of the situation and can assist with coping mechanisms for the negative impacts of divorce – and life in general.

Early Warning:
Since women are more likely to file for divorce than men, they often have a head start on accepting and preparing for life after divorce. It can be difficult to catch up once the divorce papers are filed.

In many cases, women are granted custody of the children. Working out parenting arrangements can be difficult and stressful, especially if you are not the custodial parent. Creating a visitation calendar, staying involved in school and extracurricular activities and developing new routines can help alleviate some of that stress.

New Activities:
Women are more likely than men to actively add new activities or routines to their lives in order to adjust to the change of divorce. A change in routine can help with the difficulty of getting over past routines and accepting your new life with a fresh perspective. It can also expose you to new people and ideas, which can help to boost your mood.

What does this all mean? Divorce is not an easy or happy endeavor and while the broad strokes of a university study can provide some insight, I believe the reasons behind the statistic are the most important aspect to consider. Gender aside, if you are heading into a divorce, it is important to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Use the list above to increase your awareness and make adjustments in your life so that you can achieve happiness moving forward from your divorce.

This article is intended to provide some general information about divorce. It is not intended to answer specific questions about a particular case, as each case is different.

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