Are You Really Ready to Divorce?

I get a lot of calls from people looking to hire me to handle their divorces. Sometimes, of course, the marriage is simply beyond saving. Depending on the situation, however, marriage counseling could benefit the couple or even possibly eliminate the need for divorce. In these cases, instead of proceeding with the divorce, I suggest that couples first seek marriage counseling.

As an attorney who has worked in the area of domestic relations for over 40 years, I have found that it is invaluable to have competent, honest and caring psychologists to help my clients work through their problems.

Dr. Ron Rice has proven to be invaluable in helping couples through marital therapy to work through their problems more amicably, allowing them to proceed with their lives in a more positive way. More importantly, by learning better communication, children can avoid the severe emotional pain that occurs when parents are fighting.

Since the same humanistic techniques he uses in marital counseling work with people who are already divorced, Dr. Rice is also extremely helpful with divorced couples who have problems with communicating, with parenting time or other divorce-related problems.

Either individually or together, long court battles are avoided when Dr. Rice is able to counsel people to do what is in not only in their best interests, but in the best interests of their children.

With his accessibility, compassion and knowledge, my feedback from clients who have seen Dr. Rice has always been positive.

If you’re having difficulties in your marriage or with communicating with your ex-spouse, I am confident that Dr. Rice can provide you with appropriate, honest and caring therapy. You can reach Dr. Rice at (248) 626-2056 or visit his website at