Category: Before Divorce

Top 10 Traits of Happy Couples

May 20, 2022

By Daniel H. Moss, Attorney Having a happy relationship does not just happen by chance. It takes work, effort, and planning. Below are some of the habits happy couples practice that we could all learn from: Make time for each other: If you need to, schedule a weekly or monthly date night so you make […]

Top 5 Tips for Interviewing a Divorce Attorney

January 04, 2022

By Daniel H Moss, Attorney Divorce is stressful enough without having to figure out how to find the right attorney. In the sea of available options, how can you tell if you are making the right decision? How do you even know where to start? The obvious first step is searching on the internet, but […]

Advice in Attempting Reconciliation and Preserving Your Marriage

January 04, 2022

By Daniel H Moss, Attorney As an attorney, I see again and again a partner who is close to the threshold for termination of a relationship but who tries to stay “on hold” while the mate enters therapy and “shapes up.” But the relationship is already on the edge of bankruptcy. On too many previous […]

My Office is Open and I Am Seeing Clients Again

January 04, 2022

By Daniel H Moss, Attorney The coronavirus and shutdown period has impacted many families and has made access to legal counsel and the court system more difficult over the past few months. This situation has also tended to put more of a strain on those with existing marital tensions. Many have put their cases and […]

Dealing With Family Stress During Stay-At-Home Order

January 04, 2022

By Daniel H Moss, Attorney Many families are facing problems due to the coronavirus pandemic and the stay-at-home order it has prompted. It’s a difficult transition to shift our lives to become mostly home based, and it impacts many facets of our lives and families. For some, the quarantine has posed significant challenges. Below are […]

Status of Family Law During Stay-at-Home Period

January 04, 2022

By Daniel H Moss, Attorney Most of the Family Law Courts and connected personal handling Family Law matters are open on a limited basis. Judges are available to handle emergency matters such as signing and/or hearing Personal Protection Orders, as well as emergency hearings involving children. Status Conferences and Settlement Conferences are being handled by […]

Marriage and Divorce: What to Consider Before Getting Married

January 04, 2022

By Daniel H Moss, Attorney With so many marriages ending in divorce, one might wonder why couples decide to get married at all. As a divorce attorney, I can tell you that before you take “the plunge,” you should carefully consider the following factors: Don’t Rush In Take your time to really get to know […]

How Much Does Divorce Cost?

January 04, 2022

By Daniel H Moss, Attorney If you are thinking about filing for divorce, you have probably taken many factors into consideration including you’re your children’s’ wellbeing, custody and child support, your finances and more. One of the top questions at this stage is, “How much will divorce cost me?” Since all divorce situations are different, […]

Filing for Divorce: The Documents Explained

January 04, 2022

By Daniel H Moss, Attorney Filing for divorce is not only a difficult emotional decision, it can be a confusing legal process for all parties involved. The following list details many of the documents that may be included in the initial filing of a divorce. Summons A summons notifies the other spouse that a suit […]

Divorce and the Holidays

January 04, 2022

By Daniel H Moss, Attorney Getting through the holidays in a divorce situation can be a very troubling period. Some of the suggestions below may help you through this difficult time in a positive way. 1. Make sure that whatever you do is in the best interests of your children. Most court judgments provide for […]